Scholarship for Certified Yoga Teacher Training Free Of Cost at Yogrishi Kulam in Rishikesh

Bearing a rich tradition since mythological and historical times, Yoga is being considered as one of the most dynamic gift to the mankind from the Arya Bhumi (Land of Aryas) Bharat (India). Since time immortal many erudite professionals have stepped into this sacred land to learn the true essence of yoga. This tradition is still prevalent in the modern times with presence of hundreds of eminent gurukuls (the abode of teachers) on this sacred land. Rishikesh in Uttarakhand has gone a step ahead with its blissful nature and congregation of eminent Yoga teachers to become the Yoga Capital of the world with its profound ecosystem and expanse of Yoga throughout the region. Yogrishi Kulam is one of those towering establishments in the sacred land of Rishikesh, which is offering Yoga in its full fervor to the knowledge-seekers from different geographical locations of the world. With its highly acclaimed teachers, Yogis and Masters, Yogrishi Kulam (YKT) has been instrumental in dispelling the true essence of yoga through its inmates and disciples. In the process, Yogrishi Kulam feels importance of offering free certified Yoga Teacher Training (YTT).
With this free YTT, the YKT envisages to further populate the ever-popular Yoga through its purest form. As Guru Dakshina, we expect our learners to devote some of their time in the Karma Yoga sadhana to touch a few lives and enrich the experience of service to the mankind within the expanse of our Ashram. For the year 2018, YKT is inviting limited entries for the Free Certified Yoga Teacher Training with Scholarships for 200 Hours, 300 Hours, and 500 Hours YTT. Please note that this Scholarship is offered to only a limited number of entries and the selection will be reserved as per the discretion of the management of the YKT.

Why at all a Scholarship program for Free 200/ 300/ 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh?

It’s an obvious question and a significant one too in the minds of many of the aspirants. With such scholarship program, we envisage to make yoga accessible to all irrespective of his financial or socio-cultural status. By making these Yoga Teacher Training programs free to a limited number of students, we ensure that the right person, with the right kind of attitude and with an absolute devotion can learn Yoga and propagate to such others who are very much keen in learning and applying Yoga in their everyday lives. We strongly feel that the cost of learning a Certified Yoga Teacher Training Program should not hinder someone’s interest in becoming a devoted Yoga Teacher. This is the reason why we have devised this scholarship program, which only requires fees for accommodation and shatvik foods till that time the learner undergoes the 200 Hours or 300 Hours or even 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training course with YKT. Your training with us will be absolutely free without any hidden fees or training fees.


Everyday conflicts arises in very simple manners. For example: what shall I have for lunch? What shall I wear today? Even when these simple decisions are delayed it generates multiple conflicting view points, such as, I’m getting fat, I’m not exercising regularly, etc. This perpetuates into a massive amount of mental activity whereby we become internally busy, externally frozen and incapable of taking right action. In conflict resolution sessions Sunil typically empowers the clients to become aware of this huge mental activity and release the stress that arises from this mental activity. Clients learn to develop problem solving skills by engaging not only cognitively but also intuitively. Sessions may last from 60 to 90 minutes depending on nature of conflict.

Is there any special curriculum?

No, absolutely not! The curriculum devised for Yoga Alliance Certification for any 200 Hours or 300 Hours or 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Program remains exactly the same for this Scholarship Program. We intend the scholarship holders to gain the same training that we offer our regular students with the same sort of shared accommodation and foods. We believe that students undergoing such scholarship program can propagate the essence of yoga with the same passion and devotion by learning the course in its entirety.

Eligibility norms:

As a principle of generality, we have kept our scholarship program open to all irrespective of his background, occupation, educational qualification and financial status. We sincerely hope to select only those aspirants who have developed devotion for learning Yoga and an aspiration to spread this knowledge by sharing it with others. All learning materials and Yoga Training will be absolutely free of any cost for such scholarship programs.

With this we also prefer the applicants should be:

Consistently practicing Yoga for a minimum of one year or more. Committing to an attendance of more than 90% during his/her training. Open to different Karma Yoga programs (physical help inside Ashram and with various humanitarian projects). In real need of financial assistance for pursuing learning of yoga.
If you think you match the above criteria and feel you should find a space for scholarship, write to us with a brief bio-data explaining your experience, practice, commitment and a paragraph about ‘Why should we select you for this scholarship program?’. We also expect applications from genuine persons who are in need of financial assistance to pursue the Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh. You should understand this is a partial scholarship program and you should be able to bear the cost of travel, accommodation and fooding during your training program. With all the details, you can apply us to our email ID ( so that our scholarship recommendation team can scrutinize the applications and inform you about your application status.

What should you expect to pay for attending the scholarship program?

We expect the scholarship students to pay nominal fees towards their food and accommodation while joining the program. This will be an all-inclusive fee for the tenure of their stay with us at YKT. With this each student can expect a clean, healthy and comfortable shared accommodation (on twin-sharing basis with same gender) inside our Ashram premises. Along with this, we will offer nutritious and shatvik Ayurvedic breakfast, lunch and dinner for all our inmates during entire duration of TTC. The entire provision of food and accommodation takes care of the yogic requirement of the shaping-up Yoga Teachers.

Course Contributions:

For 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh: USD 999
For 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh: USD 1099
For 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh: USD 1999

Our courses will commence from 2nd of every month. We would request all applicants to apply fast as our scrutinizing team will take somewhere around 8-10 days for inspecting the applications through different norms. All seats of this Scholarship YTT are to be filled on “First Come – First Selection – First Allocation” basis and seats are limited for this session. Hence interested applications should reach us as early as possible for improving the chance of admission.

Terms and Conditions:

We request our applicants to read through the following terms and conditions before proceeding to mail us their applications:
All trainings, course materials, teacher consultations and Yoga Certifications are free of cost. All students who successfully complete the course will be awarded with a Yoga Teacher Training Certificate recognized by Yoga Alliance.
All bookings for seats should be made in advance only. A security deposit of USD 200 will be applicable for confirmation of the booking. This will be adjusted from the final amount upon course-joining. We have maintained a bare minimum cost for food and accommodation. No further discounts should be requested on the contributions for YTT under scholarship scheme.
Karma Yoga will be an integral part of the Scholarship Program, where participants need to help physically with the projects inside the Ashram premises and other humanitarian works.
Accommodation will be Dormitory: It includes 5 dormitory single beds and will be spacious as well as comfortable. All participants are expected to avail this accommodation only as a part of the course. All participants should abide by the rules and regulations of the Ashram premises and should maintain the sanctity of the premises.
For foreign participants, a VISA is mandatory for entering the country.
All participants should bear the cost of travel, flight booking and other local travel to and for the YKT. Other standard terms and conditions will remain in force along with the above terms.