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Yogrishi Kulam is a registered retreat and teacher training school by Yoga Alliance that is created with our passionate love for yoga. We would like to transfer our knowledge and love to others and build up a powerful yoga community. Together, we will grow and develop your yoga practice, and yoga will become a part of your everyday routine. Yoga doesn’t take time, it gives time. Time for us to balance ourselves, to get peace in our soul and to keep calm in any situation in life. At Yogrishi Kulam, we help you to release stress and negative emotions from your hectic work and lifestyle, and we bring peace in your mind with our yoga asanas and community events.
Yogrishi offers regular classes for all levels in various styles, including: Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Flow, Kundalini, Laughter Yoga and much more. We have passionate and experienced yoga teachers who will not hesitate to answer any questions, and will give you more advice and modifications about other asana styles. Every week, we have outdoor events and workshops for you to help deepen your understanding of yoga and get the personal health benefits you need. You will interact with the other participants, share your experiences and get the positive sense of unity- because yoga teaches togetherness as well! Join us at Yogrishi Kulam to find balance for your mind and body in your daily life. We are proud to welcome you and hope you will join us, whether in course, in a retreat, or simply have a cup of tea!
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Yogrishi Yoganand Maharaj ji
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Start Your Yoga Journey & Set Your Soul

The love, care and attention Minimaster gives to his students is something you will never experience anywhere else. It is so genuine that you start to feel like a family, knowing that he is always there when you need him learning is simple with minimaster

Minimaster is a great yoga instructor who is able to run a mixed-ability class that offers a challenge for everyone. Our class all started as beginners, but as some progressed at different speeds Minimaster offered different routines to keep things interesting and fresh.

I have attended many of Minimaster’s yoga classes and was impressed with the depth of his knowledge and the manner in which he imparts this to his pupils. I learned much from him and always left each class with a genuine sense of well-being and calm.

I completed my 500 hrs TTC in 2019 at Yogrishi Kulam vipin Ji and all the awesome teachers. Since then I am keep coming back every year to Rishikesh and practicing with vipin ji. I’ve tried so many yoga teachers all around the world but there is no such instructor like him.


200, 300 & 500-hour residential hatha & ashtanga yoga teacher training in India, registered with Yoga Alliance, at yoga school Yogrishi Kulam - Rishikesh (RYS 200, 300).